Food You’ll Love Cooking!

“I’m just someone who likes cooking and for whom sharing food is a form of expression.” Dr. Maya Angelou

HELLO and welcome to my delicious blog! Let’s get inspired in the kitchen with food to make you feel HAPPY, motivated and full of energy! You see, being healthy is our decision to feed our happiness with good, fabulous-tasting food, it’s choosing to be active, it’s choosing to always look on the bright side of life. My name is Eartha (@earthacooks: see ABOUT). My mission here is to create, educate and entertain through my love for food. Healthy can start right here. All you’ll need is a good knife, an open mind, and your appetite.

Who’s Your Food Hero?

Who’s your food hero? My niece Ayane is mine — and I’m hers! You might remember Ayane from our Cooking Green Goodness cartooned series where we made healthy green smoothies, zucchini pizza bites, and sushi. This holiday season, I’m making a donation on Ayane’s behalf to Community Food Centres Canada to support vibrant centres that build health and connection in low-income neighbourhoods. Join me! Read our story and share yours. Make a donation on behalf of your food hero at

Latest Recipe Buzz

It’s easy to have the makings of a meal or two on hand by maintaining the right mix of staples. You already make a commitment to cook, or at least to eat, and unless you frequently eat out, you need to put food on the table. So turn on your favourite tunes, catch up on a your TV shows or with a friend on speakerphone, and make meal planning a priority! See: Cooks Corner: 5 Tips to Make Meal Planning Work For You. Meal planning is one path to good health!

Salads are among the quickest dishes to prepare. If you’re planning to host a holiday party, this nutrient-rich salad would be nothing less than a complete delight for you and your guests. Let the festivities begin! See: Spinach & Baby Kale Salad with Walnut Vinaigrette.

Also see: Creamy Jamaican Pumpkin (or Squash) and Carrot Soup. Soup-making may conjure up an image of huge pots containing hundreds of ingredients simmering all day long, but that need not be the case. A batch of soup can be made in the same amount of time it takes to make many other dinner dishes, and is among the most satisfying of kitchen tasks. See this latest vegan soup recipe inspired by fall’s bounty.

More recent recipe posts: Chocolatey Vegan Brownie Bites and Crunchy KALE, Orange & Cranberry Holiday Salad.

Since there’s always room for dessert, why not whip something together that’s magical and extraordinary using the best natural ingredients? The quality of ingredients you bring to your baking counter when it comes to making a dessert, will determine whether or not your highly anticipated delight will succeed or falter. The ingredients should be of the best quality!

For the adventurous salad maker, the sky’s the limit! See this easy-to-prepare holiday salad; a healthy mix of kale, orange and cranberries, dressed to taste with a sweet, crunchy finish. You can easily find a favourite meal here that satisfies on every level.

From the web: Jalapeno Poppers. They’re the perfect little appetizers. Top with some extra chili heat – if you can handle it.

Disclaimer: All images used on this website are photographed by, and owned by me, Eartha. Unauthorized use or distribution of these images is prohibited. Please contact me for licensing inquiries.

76 thoughts on “Food You’ll Love Cooking!

    • Thanks Chez. I appreciate you checking out my blog and commenting. I also look forward to seeing what exciting journey you’re on next, and what’s cooking too of course. 🙂


  1. Oh WOW! I happily live a vegetarian lifestyle, so following your blog is an easy click for me. I see some wonderful recipes. My gustatory sense is having a field day. Your feta quote is right up my alley too. I love the stuff!!!

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    • I can eat a whole watermelon 🍉 in one sitting! Never had it in a salad but you bet I will try this. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for the recipe tip. ☺💚


    • Dolly, you wonderful lady! Congratulations on YOUR nomination for the Sunshine Blogger Award. Reading any of your posts is a guaranteed smile. You leave us with laughter and good food, not to mention music like that of Ella Fitzgerald. I feel honoured that you’ve chosen to nominate me. Thank you – I accept! 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you, “Rhythm of the Night!” The message is, food is universal, and I feel it’s the one thing we can all relate to and share regardless of where we’re from. Happy to meet you. 🙂

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