Cooking Green Goodness: Kale And Mango Smoothie Bowl

Yes, this fruity, crunchy green smothie bowl makes for a great start to your morning but think DESSERT! Getting its rich green colour from delicious KALE, this refreshingly icy, mango flavoured smoothie is also rich in taste and nutrients. The best part is, your options for toppings are endless! Here’s how to make this, quick and easy in under 10 minutes using a blender.

Prepare: 2 cups kale leaves (stems removed and tightly packed in cup); 2 cups frozen mango; 1 orange peeled; 1 ½ cups almond milk; ¼ cup oats (optional but you’ll appreciate this addition and how it helps to bring the entire bowl with toppings together).

Place all ingredients in a blender. Blend until smooth.

In the meanwhile prepare your toppings. Crunchy granola cereal and pomegranate seeds, blackerries, kiwi, and sweet coconut flakes are the toppings used here. You could also try using these suggested toppings: blueberries; raspberries; sliced banana and pineapple; grapes; flax seed; chia seed; nuts. Your choices are endless! You could even throw on some whip cream and ice cream. Yum!

Place your blended smoothie in a bowl, top it and enjoy!

See more Cooking Green Goodness and other smoothies recipes including a similar one for a Spinach, Orange Mango Smoothie at via @earthacooks.

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