“Food Missions for Food Lovers:” It’s Christmas In November!

“You can tell a lot about a person by the way he or she handles these three things: a rainy day, lost luggage, and tangled Christmas tree lights.” Dr. Maya Angelou

Foodies love Gastropost! Gastropost is an outlet to participate in fun food missions, share recipes, and food ideas. Foodies love it because they get to share their cooking and worldwide dining experiences, in photo. Bloggers love it, especially when their recipe is the main feature in a national newspaper. Now, it’s not Christmas yet, but for their last mission, Gastropost wanted to know, in photo, what you’ll be eating for the Holidays. Using the hashtag #ChristmasInNovember, this food photo was my entry submitted via Instagram, in response to this mission.

Gastroposters decked the pages of the National Post newspaper this week with a whole lot of festive food ideas for the holidays. Also in the paper, is my festive fish photo. See it online here: https://gastropost-files.s3.amazonaws.com/newspaper/toronto/20161117-gastropost-nationalpost.pdf


It’s Throwback Thursday!

Veg out with my Callaloo-Stuffed Tortilla with Sweet Pepper and a Spicy Butter Bean Spread. See it as the featured recipe on Gastropost, in celebration of World Vegetarian Day.

Also, be sure to check out these DILL-icious fish dishes right here:

Quinoa-Battered Herb-Infused Codfish

Stuffed Grilled Red Snapper

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