In Picture: Another Side of Food Matters

The Story Behind The Pictures

Saturday, June 10 was an eventful day in the city of Toronto. Within an hour, I experienced a subway closure, packed shuttle buses, an animal rights march, and not too long after the animal rights march, was the annual naked bike ride. I witnessed the fun and horror of naked bottoms on bicycle seats on a very hot, humid day in the city.

As the shuttle bus came to a complete halt – five minutes and counting – the driver willingly let me get off after asking to do so. My destination was about a 15 minute walk. As I approached the first intersection, I could hear the sounds of drums beating loudly, then I saw a sea of red and heard the chant, “humans and animals, we’re all equal.” The full graphics (those posters!), and scope of the situation at hand didn’t hit me until I reached the intersection where hundreds of protesters were in the process of crossing. Traffic was at a standstill for what I later learned was the “March to Close all Slaughterhouses” – the largest Animal Liberation and Anti-Speciesism event in North America.

Food: it’s not always pretty.


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