“Who’s Your Food Hero?” #myfoodhero

A hero is defined as: a person noted for courageous acts or nobility of character; a person who, in the opinion of others, has special achievements, abilities, or personal qualities and is regarded as a role model or ideal. Who’s your food hero? My niece Ayane is mine – and I’m hers! Read our story. Write your own! #myfoodhero

This year I set out on a mission to find answers to an important question: “what does it take to meaningfully engage young children while growing their potential as healthy eaters and leaders?” I’ve learned that when you empower a child to make healthier lifestyle choices through experiential learning, highlighting healthy eating, nutrition, cooking skills and active living, these things can make a difference in promoting and improving their quality of life. You might remember Ayane from our Cooking Green Goodness cartooned series where we made healthy green smoothies, zucchini pizza bites, and California rolls. Ayane and I have teamed up to share our story with Community Food Centres Canada, an organization taking a multidimensional approach to programs that create individual and community change. Community Food Centres Canada believe that “food has the power to build health and community, and inspire people to become engaged in issues that matter to them.”

This holiday season I’m making a donation on Ayane’s behalf to Community Food Centres Canada to support vibrant centres that build health and connection in low-income neighbourhoods. Join me! Read our story and share yours. Make a donation on behalf of your food hero at myfoodhero.ca.

TV Personality, Michelle Jobin shares great memories that involve family and food growing up, but the food hero in her life is her husband Toby.

Kyler shares: “I usually approach new situations a bit apprehensively,” he explains. “But I went there and saw all these random people–little kids, old people—sitting around tables, gardens in the front. There’s natural light. And coffee—sublime coffee!—in real mugs. It was honestly the first time I ever really felt a sense of community.”

Julie shares: “My father, Eric, grew up on his family’s homestead in Calabria, Italy.  His family grew what they ate and appreciated the value of hard work and celebrating by eating as a family.  My Dad tells us the story about how he saved up for a month for a piece of veal (a very expensive cut of meat).  When he finally saved up enough money and bought the veal, he shared it with his entire family.  With five other siblings, he hardly got to try the long-anticipated piece of veal.”

Sheara shares: “When I was a child, I always knew that food and community went hand in hand but I never knew exactly why or how. As I got older and started discovering and investing in my relationship with food, I started to understand why I had always made that connection and that was because of Lisa.”

Ayane shares: “Sticky rice hands” is one of my favourite cooking moments with my Auntie Eartha! It is our inside joke. Either one of us only need to utter those three words and we’ll both start to giggle. READ MORE…

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